Daniel's Forest

Location: Charles Town, West Virginia

Daniel's Forest is a parcel of land consisting of 102 acres, located along Flowing Springs Road (WV Route 17) just south of Job Corps Road. The site is located 2 miles north of Route 9 and is approximately 3 miles from downtown Charles Town. Daniel's Forest is readily accessible to both Route 340 and Route 9. Route 340 is the main road to Frederick County and Maryland jobs, and Route 9 is the main road to Loudoun County and Virginia jobs.

Daniel's Forest has been approved by the Jefferson County Planning Commission for 192 single-family lots. The lot sizes proposed varies from 12,000 square feet up to ¾ of an acre for some lots. Approximately 50% of the lots in Daniel's Forest are partially wooded. Daniel's Forest is designed with two primary streets which serve as the main access routes through the subdivision connecting Flowing Springs Road with Job Corps Road via an intersection at a proposed rotary. The development's primary streets form the basic road network from which many cul-de-sacs provide access to most of the residents via more private tertiary streets. Paved asphalt trails are proposed along the primary streets; these trails also connect many of the cul-de-sacs to allow a looped walking pattern enhancing the “walk-ability” of the development, thereby giving the communitiy a traditional neighborhood feel.